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AVS at a glance

  • AVS stands for the Association of Veterinary Students

  • The AVS committee acts as a bridge between students and other areas of the profession by providing a voice for veterinary students.

  • Represent, support, engage – the aims of AVS.

  • Provides a platform through which students can voice their opinion about various topics in the regular published JAVS magazine and internet blogs (email Seth Kennard for more information -

  • Hosts two of the most infamous veterinary social events of the year- sports weekend and congress.

  • Have developed pre-clinical and clinical EMS guides (a handy resource for all students).

  • Visit our website to find out more at

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Sports Weekend

This weekend is a weekend that you 100% don’t want to miss. Some of the greatest memories from vet school are made at this weekend. Every year a different veterinary college hosts it. The weekend itself consists of dressing up in ridiculous costumes, the infamous ferry journey across the waters to the UK and to eventually end up in a club. The sports events and games follow the next day that ends in a pub crawl around the town. It is a weekend full of fun, enjoyment and over all great craic! Of all the events during the year, THIS is the one to save your money for and hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to bag yourself a ticket. First years – you will hear about this infamous event from everyone in older years and I really urge you to BELIEVE THE HYPE.

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Congress weekend is another major event of the college year. Like the sports weekend it is hosted by a different college every year. There are many workshops held over the weekend which offer you the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge into many specialist areas of veterinary medicine. Many famous members of the veterinary community give talks and lectures which are extremely interesting. Every year it always ends with the Congress ball- a black tie, four-course dinner followed by a night on the dance floor. As with all AVS events it provides the opportunity to make friends and contacts from all the different veterinary colleges.


Senior Rep

307096113_474625454724097_2022475314803682990_n (1).jpg


Junior Rep

305968589_817028892767819_2068356219209433666_n (1).jpg

Name:  Chloe Foley

Year:     4th year



Name:  Emma Hassett

Year:     3rd Year


Keep an eye on the AVS Instagram page for updates on upcoming events 

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