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Veterinary Nursing Society

About us:

Our Committee:

The Veterinary Nursing Society has been established during June 2018. We exist within the VetSoc and we are here to enhance your life in UCD. The society is not only for veterinary students or staff but for the whole of UCD. We welcome everyone into our society.

Our committee members include students from different courses in UCD. We believe that by doing this we will be following a theme in One Health whereby many different professions work together with one goal in mind. We will be introducing our committee on our facebook page so follow us and have a read of our amazing committee.

Our Events:

We hope this year will establish some very fun traditions of our own.


We will be hosting talks on many different areas of Veterinary and Medicine, explore the opportunities in research for students while having hosting events where we can get to know each other and have some fun such as our event "Sports Day - Veterinary Style!"

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